Happy New Year, everyone! I am doing the #100DaysOfGatsby challenge. I decided to do this challenge to stretch my creative muscles and focus on doing a coding project outside of work.

I also was excited to dig more into React by learning Gatsby. Learning React is one thing I wanted to do this year, as I’m super interested in getting into frontend development.

I started my Gatsby journey with the Intro to Gatsby Frontend Masters course. I thought it was a great introduction to Gatsby. However, I could’ve jumped into Gatsby by reading the documentation because the Gatsby docs are fantastic and thorough!

The first week of the challenge is to create a simple Proof of Concept application for an imaginary company called AUDIOC0RE. The challenge is setting up the Gatsby application using Contentful CMS and creating dynamic routes using Gatsby’s File System Route API. This part took me a little bit to get going because I didn’t realize I needed a YAML transformer to read my YAML file 🤦‍♀️. I will be publishing a blog post this Thursday about how to do it using a YAML file and transformer for anyone else who might be struggling with that.

All in all, I’m enjoying learning React through Gatsby. I find it a pretty pleasant experience, and I’m excited for the challenge to ramp up. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it more in the coming weeks, and I’ve got a Twitter thread where I will be posting about the challenge if you’d like to follow along.