Recursion Code Exercise

The other day I was faced with a bit of a challenge. I was to take a nested hash and from it return an array of all of the keys from the hash. So for example: The first thing I needed to do was to create a test case to verify that it was working […]

The Pipeline is Full of Acid

This blog post originally appeared on 8th Light’s Blog Last week, my co-worker Doug Bradbury posted on the 8th Light blog to ask about gender equality on programming teams. I’ve had some thoughts about his post for a couple of days, but I’d like to take a step back first. Before we ask whether our teams would […]

Framework Whipped

This is a response to Robert Martin’s disgustingly misogynistic blog post, called “Framework Whipped”, it’s since been taken down, but my criticism still stands Robert Martin has rewritten his post, Framework Bound[2]. He has also issued this apology. Frameworks are powerful tools, I’d say people can’t be tools, but if you write a blog post comparing women […]

Ruby on Rack

Last Friday I gave a smalltalk at 8th Light University about Rack. I’ve been really interested ever since doing my Java HTTP server to understand how frameworks, like Rails, deal with requests, responses, and routing. The original idea I had for the talk was to track a request through Rails. I wanted to see what happened from […]

Pairing Tour: Week One

As you might already know if you’ve been reading my blog, or following me on twitter, at 8th Light we have apprenticeships. I’ve been a resident apprentice since April 8th, 2013. During the apprenticeship you are paired with a mentor, and undergo an intense period of learning and coding. For me, I had no software development experience coming into 8th Light. […]

Conditional Binding in Clojure

I’ve been working on a client project in Clojure for the past month to prepare me for my upcoming pairing tour and challenges. This project has been a blast to be on, and I’ve definitely leveled up my Clojure skills. One of the stories I picked up this week was for doing some autocompleting based […]

Mocking Functions in Clojure

I’m relatively new to Clojure, I’ve built a command line tic-tac-toe in Clojure, and the client project I joined last week is a Clojure project, so I’ve had about 3 weeks of worth of exposure to Clojure so far. I wrote a blog post about getting started with Clojure where I detailed my vim plugins, my testing […]